Hangin' on the telephone nails - #3 Wild child

Continuing on with my Hangin' on the telephone nails series I present you with my 3rd look - for all the girls out there with a wild side!
 I have still got some amazing cases and looks coming up to show you all how this trend can work to compliment your look whatever you're up to.

Street style #3: Wild child
This cover is from The site has a great range of products for your mobile phone or tablet etc.  They have a great variety of cases/covers for Samsung Galaxy S2 (which I have in the pics), and loads more cases for other models as well. They have very kindly offered all off my readers a 10% discount on any purchases when using the discount code NAILS10 which is very nice of them so please do pop over and take a look!!!
This is the Zebra leather back cover they also have other animal prints like leopard, croc and even diamante covered prints - this look is for feisty chicas who are wild at heart and just cant resist a bit of animal print in their daily look. O.K so it may not exactly be a jungle out there... but you can rock out this fierce look any time of the year. are a well established, friendly company and if your looking for that new cover to suit your mood they have loads of styles and competitive prices to keep you happy. Click here to check out their Shop.
I hope you like this look and remember you can all take advantage of that 10% discount code just go to the checkout as normal and enter the code NAILS10 ...Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon with another installment x


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  1. Very cute, my daughter would love this....the nails match perfect!!!!

  2. You mastered nail art! Love every "hanging on telephone" series nail designs! this wild thing looks awesome!

    1. Thanks x I know zebras aren't exactly 'fierce' but the nails are!! ^_^