Happy Oshogatsu (NYE) nails!

When it comes to New years eve and I here all the fireworks exploding in the sky I often start thinking about everybody celebrating differently around the world... this year I decided to branch out and learn about some other culture or traditions from another place.
 I came up with a plan to take some ideas from Japanese culture as inspiration for this design, The new year celebration period is called Oshogatsu in Japan and lasts until around Jan 12th (I think?!)
 It is celebrated in one way by sending postcards 'nengajo' on new years day ( They even have special postal service to ensure the cards are delivered on the 1st Jan precisley).
There is also the custom of Otoshidama - where youngsters are gifted money within a  nicely decorated envelope (known as Pochibukuro) from their friends and family.
 I have also learned about Kagami mochi which is a specially presented type of mochi for the new years celebrations in the form of 2 stacked white balls with a manadrin orange on the top.
(If you are interested in more detailed account of the Oshogatsu customs/celebrations in Japan please click the links in the post or HERE to visit another informative blog on the subject because I'm no expert, I just found some of the different things interesting -there's loads of other things I havent mentioned but  think I've strayed away from nail art enough for 1 post).
I wanted to include the mochi and the mandarins in my design and I stumbled across this rly nice Japanese fabric swatch online..I love the snow!
 I wanted to replicate the metalic bamboo on my black background but opted to chooses just 1 tone to make the design a bit simpler.
 - in the foreground I added the red paper lanterns with gold tassles.
One last thing I learned about is Hatsu-hinode; The first sunrise of the New Year - specifically getting up early with close ones to welcome it and enjoy it again for the first time (of the new year).. it is important in Japanese culture as it's thought to signify how the rest of the year will turn out for you.. it is also applied more generally for the first of anything that happens in the New Year.. This is my first nail art and post of the year to come so I really hope you like them! - I'm glad they turned out well considering this and I had fun creating the design and learning some new stuff.
All the best for the start of 2013 everyone!


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  1. Hi, Bonita! Thanks for sharing some interesting info, never knew about such custom in Japan.
    The nails' design turned out very pretty! i love the black background.
    have a happy New year!

    1. Yay thanks im so glad some one found my facts interesting aswell!Thanks for your comment..hope u have been having many enjoyable firsts too this 2013!